I am a prior patient of gynecomastia surgery. I was severely botched and considered a “casualty” of plastic surgery. I was quickly disregarded.

This website is dedicated to help others avoid a disastrous outcome of this rare procedure. Hopefully this will provide assistance when researching. Bad results, bad surgeons, and bad experiences are hidden from view and not easy to spot. There are many hidden items that one must spot in navigating this fickle unregulated space called Plastic Surgery.

Bad results happen, and they happen often with this surgery. Tread carefully.

Living a botched life is not something many people can predict pre-operatively and it will affect you more mentally than physically than you can imagine.

The text presented in this website reflects my opinion in addition to articles of fact and research that I have linked or quoted from.

I can be reached at admin@gynosurgery.io for corrections or comments.